Meet the Ledge Media Team – Associate Publisher Kyle Thomas

Kyle Thomas, Ledge Media, Associate PublisherMeet Kyle Thomas, Associate Publisher with Ledge Media.
Kyle Thomas, Ledge Media, Associate Publisher

Kyle Thomas, Ledge Media, Associate Publisher

Kyle is a proud 4th generation San Diegan. He is also a professional journalist & photographer who loves bringing stories to the public through his writing, photography and videography. He specializes in telling the stories about the history and people of San Diego County. Additionally, Kyle has accepted the Ledge Media mission to go out and find the most innovative and creative companies, organizations and individuals in the San Diego area and he is bringing their stories to the first edition of the landmark book, INNOVATE SAN DIEGO.  “This has to be the most exciting job I’ve ever taken to task,” Kyle will tell you. “I’m bringing together the most amazing people in San Diego County and together we are telling the story of why San Diego is the nation’s most exciting city to lead the innovation and smart city race and to set the stage for, ‘What’s next’ across the entire innovation spectrum.” 

Beautiful Encinitas, California as captured by Kyle Thomas. Kyle brings his great talent to Ledge Media and clients.

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