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INNOVATE SAN DIEGO is a full-color, beautiful hard cover printed book with embedded video and an online platform, part of a 35 city nationwide series and 60 country global series, Now Published, highlighting the people and companies of San Diego—one of the most innovative business ecosystems in the world.

We’re dedicated to telling the story of INNOVATION in SAN DIEGO and you could be part of that story. Nominations are underway for those to be spotlighted as the Thought Leaders, Innovators, and Ecosystem Supporters of San Diego.

To be considered by our editorial board, NOMINEES should be doing something remarkable, or unique in their industry … innovation is the key.

The book will be sold and distributed worldwide. There is NO fee to
, and we do not accept paid advertising.

Join us!

INNOVATE SAN DIEGO published by Global Village.World and Ledge Media, will embark on a joint media and marketing initiative that will help put San Diego’s innovation ecosystem on the world map. This multi-media production includes

  • a 350-400-page hard cover book embedded with an augmented reality video series
  • an online platform joining the world’s innovation ecosystems which are being featured on our website and connected through social media
  • a conference/book launch event where all the participants will be recognized and key note speakers will be spotlighted, with a trade show featuring some of the greatest innovations of San Diego, with networking opportunities for all
  • a feature film documentary about INNOVATE SAN DIEGO premiering at the conference and hosted online on Youtube including San Diego’s top innovators

Innovate San Diego 2019 will include over 150 innovation success stories across three major categories, see attached chapter outline for more information.

If you are interested in nominating your company, or a specific individual as a Thought Leader, please reach out and we will connect you with the Innovate San Diego team. We look forward to seeing you at the book launch conference in late 2019!

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By taking a Special Sponsorship you will help fund this project to promote San Diego and help tell more people about the awesomeness that is our beautiful home