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Celebrating the History of Encinitas ENCINITAS: Our History and People is a significant new, illustrated “coffee table” history book commissioned by the Encinitas Historical Society to celebrate the city’s past as it looks toward a bright future.


ENCINITAS: Our History and People will be a compilation of stories by the local community spearheaded by second-generation locals Carolyn Roy Cope and Jim Filanc.
THE NARRATIVE It wasn't the wild, wild west. It was spiritual. This area of Southern California has that distinctive feeling. Just ask the people who ranched, farmed, surfed, skated or swam here. Ask the “mom and pop” businesses that stuck with it and made it happen; what kept them here and why they came in the first place. There are people stories, growth stories and changes that may have been too fast for most. Cottonwood Creek is the main reason Encinitas was formed—water. The steam locomotives needed the water as much as the early settlers did. The water and the weather drew people to this area. Enjoy some amazing before and after pictures of some of the favorite places in and around the five districts: Olivenhain, New Encinitas, Leucadia, Cardiff-by-the-Sea and where it all began, Historic Downtown Coast Highway 101. Read how these diverse areas developed into present-day Encinitas. Encinitas doubled in population when, in 1883, the eleven member Hammond Family arrived by train. They immigrated from England with their sights originally on Australia. When they arrived they stayed. Edward G. Hammond became one of the most prolific builders in town. He built the one-room schoolhouse with help from his 17 year old son,Ted, in 1883. The members, docents and board of directors of the Encinitas Historical Society are proud stewards of this schoolhouse, the oldest building in the City of Encinitas.
This photo journal reminds us of the historic and
              diverse cloth that created the present; it’s a colorful
              tapestry that we’re all a part of today. Looking back is a
              soul-nourishing pleasure, and importantly it provides the
              insight we need when we face forward. As we walk the path
              to the future together, I have no doubt that Encinitas
              will continue its dynamic evolution, inspired by the
              footsteps of those who came before us. Catherine Smith
              Blakespear Mayor, City of Encinitas


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We have been so excited to see the Davis County On the Move book! When we received the shipment we couldn’t have been more pleased. The photography is stunning, which complements the writing and history. You and the contributors have created a masterpiece! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put forth to complete this. We are proud and excited to share your talents. The Davis County (UT) Commission: Commissioner P. Bret Milburn, Commissioner James E. Smith, Commissioner Randy B Elliott. As I look back on 2015, one of the highlights for our community, the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce, and myself, a 5th Generation Stocktonian, was the release of the HPN Stockton’s Golden Era which was very well received by all and in fact the book exceeded everyone’s expectaions. Douglass W. Wilhoit, Jr., CEO, Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce.



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ENCINITAS: Our History and People Is Important


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