Is usually Free Antivirus For Business Perfect for Your Business?

A free anti-virus for business system comes with a selection of benefits, nevertheless it’s a bad option for every type of firm. When others vendors will simply license a no cost version for personal use, other folks will not also let you put it to use for business. Yet, there are many courses that provide terrific security for your business, even totally free. Microsoft’s Reliability Essentials is an excellent choice just for small businesses with up to twenty PCs.

One particular advantage of using free malware programs is they do not hit you up for anything to set up. However , be skeptical of free antivirus programs — they may certainly not protect your company from dangers. In addition , they may ask you to agree with the fact to their terms of service and/or install added programs. These additional courses could be financed by the anti-virus provider. Assuming you have an ant-virus program on your own website, you ought to be cautious when installing it. You may well be tempted to put in the software, nevertheless, you don’t wish to skimp on your organisation’s security.

Totally free antivirus for business programs provide protection against malware that are unfamiliar or damaging to your business. These kinds of programs might include a free or spyware reader to detect contamination on your computer. No cost malware viewers check the data and registry of your computer and inform you if infected. Once you’ve found the virus, you can easily remove it or perhaps terminate their registration. Most of the time, free anti-virus software may even clean up your personal computer completely. Should you be unsure what type is right to your business, operate the merchandise selection software.

Meet the Ledge Media Team – Associate Publisher Kyle Thomas

Kyle Thomas, Ledge Media, Associate PublisherMeet Kyle Thomas, Associate Publisher with Ledge Media.
Kyle Thomas, Ledge Media, Associate Publisher

Kyle Thomas, Ledge Media, Associate Publisher

Kyle is a proud 4th generation San Diegan. He is also a professional journalist & photographer who loves bringing stories to the public through his writing, photography and videography. He specializes in telling the stories about the history and people of San Diego County. Additionally, Kyle has accepted the Ledge Media mission to go out and find the most innovative and creative companies, organizations and individuals in the San Diego area and he is bringing their stories to the first edition of the landmark book, INNOVATE SAN DIEGO.  “This has to be the most exciting job I’ve ever taken to task,” Kyle will tell you. “I’m bringing together the most amazing people in San Diego County and together we are telling the story of why San Diego is the nation’s most exciting city to lead the innovation and smart city race and to set the stage for, ‘What’s next’ across the entire innovation spectrum.” 

Beautiful Encinitas, California as captured by Kyle Thomas. Kyle brings his great talent to Ledge Media and clients.

View his portfolio at

Meet the San Diego Innovators & Thought Leaders – Delawie

Delawie Principal Greg McClure  Delawie and Thought Leader, Delawie Principle, Greg McLure, are at the forefront of architecture and interior design innovation in San Diego and the nation.

Meet the Ledge Media Team – Social Media Specialist Karen England

Ledge Media Social Media Specialist Karen England
Ledge Media Social Media Specialist Karen England

Karen England is Ledge Media’s Social Media Specialist.

Karen England is a garden writer, blogger, herb enthusiast, and budding mixologist who gardens and writes from her Southern California home in Vista, California. As a member-at-large of The International Herb Association, Karen is a contributor to the organization’s Herb of the Year(TM) books. She is a lifestyle blogger at and an Instagram influencer, known as edgehillherbfarm on IG, with a very popular cat. Karen is Ledge Media’s social media specialist helping our clients, even those without cats, build a dynamic and real social media following. If clients have cats – it just makes her job that much easier.

Meet the San Diego Innovators – Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Innovate San Diego Scripps Oceanographic

Ledge Media in collaboration with Global Village is publishing

Innovate San Diego

Innovate San Diego

Cover, Ledge Media publication, Innovate San Diego.

And the Scripps Institution of Oceanography embodies the best of San Diego Innovation.

According to Scripps Institution of Oceanography Twitter “Twice a year, the sun aligns perfectly between the pilings of the (Ellen Browning) Scripps Memorial Pier for a spectacular sunset known as “Scrippshenge. The alignment occurs in August & May, though it’s not always visible due to the marine layer or clouds. Luckily, the sun peeked through briefly (friday), as seen in this photo by Erik Jepsen/UC San Diego, August 2019.”

Innovate San Diego Scripps Oceanographic

Scripps Institution of Oceanography in Innovate San Diego

“Scripps Oceanography is a leading center for global earth science research and education. Scripps has a long history of developing innovative technology to observe the planet, with scientists inventing and operating systems that monitor, study and predict environmental events. The institution is home to significant programs such as the Coastal Data Information Program (CDIP), an extensive network for monitoring waves and beaches along the U.S. coastlines, and HF-Radar Network, which delivers near-real time ocean surface current measurements through a network of shore-based radar systems. Scripps also operates a fleet of four oceanographic research vessels.” –

Want to see the current updated participant list of San Diego Innovators? Ask us! Know of a SD innovator? There is still time, tell us! You can nominate them!

What is Innovate San Diego? It is a beautiful coffee table book with Augmented Reality videos embedded throughout, aimed at showcasing and celebrating the Innovation Ecosystem in our beautiful city and county. San Diego is known more for its beaches, parks and warm climate than for the amazing entrepreneurs and companies, like the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, that call it home. This project aims to change that – Innovate San Diego is all about finding the people and companies that are driving innovation and the world about them.

See San Diego as you have never seen it before!

“The Global Village mission is to proudly showcase success stories from every nation, their cities and its people to the world . . . an ever-growing tribe of media entrepreneurs, colleagues and friends, please join us as we complete the puzzle.”
– Sven Boermeester
International Group Publisher | Global Village

Meet the Ledge Media Team – CEO Daphne Fletcher

CEO of Ledge Media Daphne Fletcher
CEO of Ledge Media Daphne Fletcher

Asked what motivates Daphne Fletcher today—it is her lifelong love of books —she passionately states, “We are awash in a sea of bad content in an era where content is king. I aim to change that.”

Daphne Fletcher, after successfully publishing thousands of books as the Vice President of HPN Books, a national publishing company, ventured off on her own and founded Ledge Media, a leading-edge multi-media content development and publishing company. Daphne actually went backwards in the publishing industry, beginning in digital publishing as a web and app developer later transitioning into print media—which is unusual—but has offered her an outside-the-box perspective into the publishing industry. Ledge Media, the company she founded, specializes in blending leading edge mixed media (including the latest in augmented reality) with traditional books and magazines. Her father, an IT engineer who worked in the era of mainframes, gave her one of the original personal computers when she was a child, back before PCs and Windows and Apples were a thing and told her if she wanted it to do anything she’d have to program it. Having been a reading prodigy, inspired by her mother, a theater professor, who read to Daphne every day from birth, it didn’t take her long. Asked what motivates her today—it is her lifelong love of books and stories—she passionately states, “We are awash in a sea of bad content in an era where content is king. I aim to change that.”

Innovate San Diego

INNOVATE SAN DIEGO is a full-color, beautiful hard cover printed book with embedded video and an online platform, part of a 35 city nationwide series and 60 country global series, scheduled for publication in 2019, highlighting the people and companies of San Diego—one of the most innovative business ecosystems in the world. We’re dedicated to telling the story of INNOVATION in SAN DIEGO and you could be part of that story. Nominations are underway for those to be spotlighted as the Thought Leaders, Innovators, and Ecosystem Supporters of San Diego.
To be considered by our editorial board, NOMINEES should be doing something remarkable, or unique in their industry … innovation is the key.
The book will be sold and distributed worldwide. There is NO fee to participate, and we do not accept paid advertising.
Join us!
INNOVATE SAN DIEGO published by Global Village.World and Ledge Media, will embark on a joint media and marketing initiative that will help put San Diego’s innovation ecosystem on the world map. This multi-media production includes